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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Slope! Make Mr.K smile!

Good afternoon bloggers of Mr.K's fourth period grade ten pre cal class!

I am your scribe for the day, and I hope I can do just as great a job as the previous scribes before me. Good luck to me..

In todays class, Mr. K started off with some announcements. He talked about the math contest, and thats it's a great idea to receive bonus marks on your final grade. So, next month, lets all go out there, and show our math skills, and get some credit for it! Listen for announcements, so you know when the next math contest is going to be. Mr. K also mentioned that he is going to be away for a total of seven days, sparatically, in the month of October, BOO HOO! (and I'm not being sarcastic) and we will have three substitutes during those days. Also, Mr.K is going to be doing a presentation on October 21st, at Lyden Christian school. For those of you that signed up, make sure you know if you are going or not.

Now, to get to the math. The whole period was dedicated to writing defintions in our math dictionaries. Some of these defintions included:

Slope: Three Perspectives
The "slope" of a line describes its "steepness" and whether the line is increasing or decreasing.

From a graph the slope of a line can be found by calculation the RISE over the RUN from one "latice point" to another.

NUMERICALLY: We find the change in y coordinates divided by the change in the x coordinates.This information can be found from a graph or a table of values.

SYMBOLICALLY : In the equation of a line, written in standard from(which we should call the "slope-intercept form, to make Mr.K smile) , the coeffecient of the x term is called the slope - but it is BETTER (also makes Mr.K smile), if you call it the "RATE OF CHANGE"

We also learned about the standard (or slope intercept) form, and the point-slope form.

I don't have any fun links like Mr.K has to work on the problem, but just remember that homework tonight is Exercise 11 #1-20

Aaaand, what you've all been waiting for...tomorrow's scribe is...marianne_c..goodluck Marianne!

Happy sloping!


At 9/29/2005 5:50 PM, Blogger John D. - #12 said...

Nice entry, Kristin. You should've done a graph, it would make it complete. (=


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