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Monday, September 26, 2005


Today, Mr. Kuropatwa talked about the readership post that he posted in the blog. He talked about how anybody anywhere can see it, so we should be careful of what we write and of our identities.
Mr. K read us a story about Captain Chris and the Calculus crew. Now we have to do a storybook project; we have to make a story and a character that gets into a problem and we have to use a math solution to solve it.
The class brainstormed some names for our class character:
- Rupert the Dogface Gremlin.
- McMath.
- Spongemath.
- HATM-TARO ^__^
- Alge tree and his forest fraction friends.
- Delightful decimal Donnie.
- Mathematician.
- Sir Mathalot.
Mr. K also let our a funny squeek while he was talking. ^___^We did some board work. Grid Work. (Finding the midpoint)How to find the midpoint.
Midpoint= ( (x1 + x2) , (y1 + y2) )
2 2
Homework is Exercise 5: questions 1-20! Inny, minny, miny, moe! I CHOSE YOU ! tim-Math-y rock on! ^__^


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