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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Posting A Post!

I finally get to find the time to put up one of these post. So far in Pre Cal 20s we’ve reviewed on a lot of things we did in S1.

I really enjoy our class, the most thing I like is when Mr. K puts up questions on the board and we answer them together. I mostly mess up on one little part, and when the whole class review those question I see where I made a mistake.

One time in class we did a question involving polynomials / fractions =/. I hate fractions! Mr. K kind of explained it easier for me to understand. Everything was going on such a fast pace! To the point I wanted to switch Pre Cal to Applied, but I thought about Sisyphus and how he kept on trying and no matter what he never gave up. I went over my questions, and started all over. I had trouble at first, but the more I kept doing it over and over I finally got it.

Wow we’re getting a test on Thursday and I think it’s going to be killer hard. I still got to work on factoring. I’m having trouble with that. Since Mr. K explains a little to fast for me, I brought out my old notes from last year in math and I’m getting the information back into my head. I feel great about this class it makes me more focus on my life so I have time for everything, even math. =P


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