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Monday, September 19, 2005

I'm blogging on blogging x)

Long division of polynomials ... ahh. I really don't like it. Integers and all that sort of stuff isn't my thing. :) This is the topic I will be talking about for my `blogging on blogging`. I've chosen to do "A comment about something that you found very hard to understand but now you get it! Describe what sparked that "moment of clarity" and what it felt like."

Every single second when Mr. K was going over long division of polynomials, I would get lost and confused and had no clue what was going on. At first I thought his pace was just too fast for me to keep up with.
I would understand x^2 + 27x + 42 divided by x + 3 or something, but then I would get lost after the first subtraction because that's where I went wrong and had troubles with.
Then we received questions like x^3 + 9x + 3 divided by x + 5 and then all of a sudden we had to add in 0x^2 in there for reasons that I was unable to catch.. (I think this is why we have `scribes` to blog about class ... ehe, might've missed that too ^_^) and I, hands down, had no ideaa how to solve.
But I had an after class talk and got a little extra help from Mr. K, and with a little bit of practicing I finally was able to have a `moment of clarity` and actually understand the part of " - (25x + 5) " in the long division process, or why we had to add "0x^2 ".
I didn't really have a `spark` of clarity, it kind of just gradually came into understanding. Now I feel much better about math class, as if a weight was lifted from my shoulders, mind/worries. Plain RELIEVED. :) And this is my comment!


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