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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm Blogging On Blogging Too

I can understand how it is to feel lost and you don't know how you'll find out where you are. But what I'm refering to is trying to keep up with Mr K's Class! Well in some parts I just loose it. I get all the multiplying and long division of polynomials and such. Plus the easier parts of factoring.
But I can honestly say I feel like I'm in a world of my own when trying to factor questions like
-4y^2 - 144y^8 + 48y^5. I look into the ceiling and go "Wow". I hope no one notices that though... Anyways I guess the hard parts for me is factoring trinomials and also I get confused with the terms and language and steps with factoring cubes and squares. But who can blame me? I can't be the only one right? But from aside all this my salvation will be the thought of me doing all these types of math equations as easy as 2+2. Which is 5 :) Well this is my post and whats been on my mind during the past few classes.


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