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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I had to Update!!!

When we entered the class Mr.K had already put up the answers for Factoring Worksheet and we just had to correct our answers except some of the questions that needed to be explained and he did explain them. After that he asked in what sections we have problem with and we can go over it before the test, so we had to write some notes in our notebookes which were: The definition of Factor, how to do factoring GCF, Trinomials, the rule of signs for factoring trinomials, and difference of square. After this, he told us about graghing called Parabola (or something), and i knew how to do it, because last year they tech us the graghs, and last the 3 stings joke, which was his second favorite one! :D
I hope it's good (though it's not my first post in a blog, but here)
And Mr.K forgot to explain the (x square+4) is not factorable.
See you all tomorrow! (Tursday is the test!!!!)

parvin sia:D


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