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Monday, September 19, 2005

Gotta post a post!!!

Well, so far Pre cal has been going pretty ok, I must say. Mr.K knows what he's doing, and he always has a good story to tell (and some bad jokes, of course, lol). It's fun to be in his class. It's fast pace, but you learn a lot, if you come to class and pay attention.

I was overwhelmed when I first came to pre cal, and I thought I would be too stupid to be in AP math, but so far, I've been doing alright.

I remember one particular class where we were doing long division, but in this one question, it involved fractions as well as polynomials. The whole question took up the majority of the board, and I'm sure most of us in the class looked stunned. At first, it must have been hard, but by the second day, the majority of us knew how to do long division backwards and forwards, and who knows what else(just an expression, not totally true.)

Class today was good, and so far we've learned about factoring and long dividing polynomials, binomials, and trinomials. We also learned about difference of squares, and difference of cubes. We covered a lot of definitions in our math dictionaries, and I'm sure theres a lot more to come! Lets make this year a great one, full of learning, and laughing, and sharing of concepts! Yes, I may sound like a math loser, but lets just keep a positive attitude! And don't forget to remember Sisyphus!(hope I slept that right, you know what I mean anyways).

Happy blogging!


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