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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Bonour !! wow another year .. another pre cal 20s class =(. ** A word of advice to you grade 10 homies do your homework and keep your notes tidy also study hard for tests and exams cause It'll cost you believe me. Not sayin the class is not good though. Oh yah COME TO CLASS ON TIME ** anyways yah the first day of class was alright I saw some familiar faces and new faces. We recieved our course outlines got to know each other and Mr K explained the blueprint of the course. He than told us an intersting myth about some dude named sisyphus. It was about some guy who cheated death, did some bad and good things and kidnapped some other dude. And he ended up doing some pretty serious work!! But anyways the moral of the story was to never give up dont get mad and just do it. The story of course led to the point of how the story and our math were connected. So far class is awesome, and I think I am doing really good <>. Well so far as we go along everything is coming back from last year and getting easier. Well anywho thats my blog. Peace Out ( sorry so late Mr K I promise to do it sooner next time )


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