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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

BLOGAGE! ^___^

Hi, I are Thisa! ^_^ When I first signed up for pre-cal which was in grade 9, I was scared of what it would be like. Now, being in pre-cal it was a good idea! Although I know there will be times where I don't understand something or I need help or I even get frustrated. ^___^ I know I can always ask Mr. Kuropatwa! Or a fellow classmate! (: I enjoy the jokes Mr. Kuropatwa tells us, lolol. Keep up the good work! >:D The math dictionaries are very good references, but I'm sometimes slow at taking the notes. ^_____^ Which is okay, because I finish them anyways ._.
The links that Mr. Kuropatwa puts up are very good references and good study tools. I hate fractions and factoring, I don't really have them down path yet. ^___________^;; I get mixed up alot with the integers and stuff with the factoring. I also dislike the cylinder thing, with pi. ^_^ I had to review some old notes from grade 9. I also still have my math notes from grade 8 that I looked at! lololol .___.
Overall, class is fun. My classmates are awesome! And I'm looking forward to spending the rest of the semester with them! :D Oh.. and I also need to buy a graphing calculator! ^______._______^
'Well, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!' (>'.' )> Thisa <( '.'<)


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