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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

blog, blog, blog

hi everyone, this is marianne. pre-cal so far has been pretty good, it's kind of hard but i understand most of it.

The first time that we had class, I was scared, because I thought it would be extra, extra, extra hard and mr. kuropatwa would be really strict. (sorry mr. k) but he turned out to be a really nice teacher :D. he tells good stories and funny jokes, SOMETIMES haha just kidding.

Most of the work that we have done is review but thats ok because I forgot most of the stuff from last year. lol. and it is mixed with some other stuff too.

Some of the work that we do is easy and some of it is hard. I do my best to do all of the exercises. I like this class because if we don`t understand a question we can just check it off on the checklist in class and if there are enough check marks then mr. k will go over it and he`ll make sure that we understand it.

mr. k is really fast when solving equations and problems but the thing that I don`t understand is how can we not have enough time at the end of class if mr. k is so fast? We have a test on thursday :(. hopefully I`ll pass it and get over it. well that's all the time I have for today so see you all in class. :)


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